Saturday, July 1, 2017

There was a bat in our toilet

June 26, 2017

Hi fam

  The other day we got home and found a bat treading water in the toilet.  We cut a two liter bottle in half and scooped it out and threw it on the roof.  I don't know if it survived but when we got it out it wasn't able to fly.  It was probably tired, who knows how long it was in there.

   We had a good week.  We worked very hard.  I think we found more new investigators this week than any other week on my mission so far.  And that also means I had more new investigators that didn't go to church this week than any other week of my mission so far :/  But we did find a really cool guy named Lennin.  Here's the story:

 We got into a lesson with a very negative family that is very strong in another religion (some evangelical religion).  It soon became clear that they only wanted to contend and weren't willing to read the Book of Mormon nor pray about it.  So we left them, feeling kind of dejected.  Then when we passed by a house we both heard a whistle.  We looked around and there was nobody, so we contacted the house we were by.  That lady also didn't want anything.  We were late to our next appointment so we got a mototaxi.  We talked to the driver named Lennin and come to find out he had gone to church before and had read a lot of the Book of Mormon and already has a testimony of it.  So we started teaching him and he came to church on Sunday and he even knew the bishop.  He accepted a fecha for the 15th of July.  It was amazing to see that God gave us the impression to contact that house just so the timing was right to be in the Mototaxi to find Lennin.  Had we given up talking to people after the two crappy contacts we wouldn't have found him.

   Also Anielka got baptized and her cousin baptized her.  It was cool to see all of her family there for the baptism too because her mom is less active and her dad and sister aren't members.  On Sunday her mom and sister came for her confirmation too.  Also Marvin, his sister in law Flor, and Flor's daughter Priscila have progressed a lot recently and all went to church with Marvin's family who are recent converts.  

  Things are going awesome here.  It's crazy that I get home 1 month from tomorrow.  God definitely blessed me with Elder Fotheringham because even if I didn't want to work anymore (don't worry I'm going strong) he would make me:)

Well have a great week!  Attached is a pic of the bat in the bottle, it didn't turn out very well...

Elder Smith

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