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June 19, 2017

Hey Fam!

   It looks like you had another very busy week.  So did I.

  On Wednesday Elder Peterson had changes.  So we caught the bus at 4:30 in the morning to get to Managua with the zone, and I found out that my new (and officially last) companion is Elder Fotheringham, from San Clemente California.  He's a great, and very humble guy, and he's a really hard worker.  I love him already.  After changes we came back and I spent the day showing Elder Fotheringham around the area and showing him the investigators.  On thursday we had a normal day in the area and in the morning we taught Marvin.  His fecha is for June 24th but it looks like he's not going to be ready for that day, especially since he didn't come to church on Sunday.  We've also been working a lot with Anyelka, who without much help from her family stopped drinking coffee, and is reading the Book of Mormon almost every day.  Her family said they were going to go to church with her on Sunday but in the end they all flaked out and she came early with her return missionary cousin.  It's crazy because she's the youngest in her family (11 years old) and she's being the example for them.  

  Sorry I got off track.  On Friday we had to wake up at 3:40 to go to Managua with the zone for the mission-tour multizone with Elder Ochoa from the area presidency.  It was a very spiritual multizone and we learned a lot, especially about diligence and how to recognize chosen investigators.  After the multizone we sent the zone home in the bus and stayed there with Elder Ochoa for leadership council.  It was good, but it ended up being pretty long and my brain got kind of fried from so much listening.  Then using public transportation we found our way back to Diriamba and got here at like 8:15.  Nicaraguan public transport was not made for tall people like us, and my poor comp is way taller than me.  We suffered on that bus.  

I kind of already told you about Sunday.  Flor and Priscila couldn't come to church because they were in Granada.  Marvin didn't come either.  Really the only investigator that came was Anyelka.  She's getting baptized on Saturday.  Also the primary president asked us to teach primary so we did our best.  We were disappointed to see that the topic of the lesson was about Jackson County Missouri being zion.   But we made it work and played hangman when we had extra time but that turned into a riot so we had to stop.  

   This week we don't have any multizones or interviews or anything.  Just working.  

Have a great week!

Elder Smith

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