Monday, July 10, 2017

Soaked in Jinotepe

July 3, 2017

Hey fam,

   We had a good week.  On Tuesday we did divisions with the elders from Masatepe, Elder Farber and Elder Shelley.  I worked with Elder Shelley, who has been here for three weeks in Nicaragua.  The poor guy was probably dying when everyone was reminding me that I have less than a month left.  But hey, we all had to pass through that stage.  We visited a less active family we heard about that lived in a bit of a scary neighborhood.  It´s all of the family of a counselor in the stake presidency.  We taught them and one guy came to church on Sunday with his nephew and his son (both 9 yrs old and not baptized).  The stake presidency guy (the less active´s brother) came up and just said, well Elders, there´s two people to baptize.  Perfect.  We don´t look to baptize kids but sometimes they come.  We´re focusing a lot on the ward to get the whole family reactivated so we don´t baptize the kids just for their family to go inactive and drag them down with them.

  On Wednesday the office missionaries told us to go to Jinotepe to drop off the IDs of a couple missionaries in our zone that are going home this change (myself included) with the zls there that had to go to Managua anyway the next day.  So we did the assigned task and got completely soaked on the way home (pic included) .  That kind of sucked.  The weather has been really cool lately with a little bit of rain every day.  

   On Thursday we went back to China (los fierros) to visit the convert family and show Elder Fotheringham where it is.  The family gave us a couple references down there but they weren´t that positive and definitely weren´t willing to go all the way to Diriamba for church.  But we got lucky on the way back because a pickup came by and gave us a ride.  It saved us like 4 kilometers of walking uphill.

  Other than that it was a pretty normal and boring week.  Flor and Priscila and Sebastian (Flor´s other son that´s already baptized) came to church.  Marvin disappeared.  Also Miracle Lennin disappeared.  We haven´t been able to find him since last sunday and his phone´s been off. The two kids that came to church are named Kevin and Dilan.  

   On Wednesday we have to go to Managua for my last leadership council.  I think that´s the only thing this week that´s out of the ordinary.  Today we played soccer with some kids from the ward and a few other missionaries, cut our hair, cleaned up a bit, and ate pizza like we do every pday.

 Have a great week!  Happy 4th of July!  ´Merica!!!

Elder Smith

Family from China

Coming home on from Jinotepe on the bus

View from our area

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